Website Design

We have designed websites for everything from small startup companies to large enterprises, eye care to footwear, Ecommerce, WordPress, and everything alike. No matter what your web design needs are, we have the technical knowhow and experience to design a site for you.

Your website’s design is the often times the first impression you make on a potential customer, and first impressions are everything. Your website’s design sets the tone for the relationship with your customer, and if the consumer doesn’t like your tone, they’re likely to go back to their search results and look at your competitors. With the whole world of search at consumers’ fingertips, if the look of your site isn’t good, they will keep looking. With websites constantly improving their designs and more websites launching every day, it’s not nearly good enough to have a web presence. In order to succeed, it has become absolutely necessary to make a big impression on the web.

There are many good design templates available to anyone with a small budget. However, the problem with these designs is that they’re available to anyone. The best websites don’t get their designs from a template, because great designs are custom made to suit the website. The best designers don’t work for companies that make cookie cutter websites that look “good.” These individuals work for companies, like ours, that focus on strategy, user experience, content, and amazing design.

By developing a strategy for your website we can accomplish so much more with the design. Coming up with an effective strategy prior to the design allows us to ensure that the design makes an impact on your target market. We can analyze how the target market behave online, how your competitors are reaching the consumers, and develop a site that connects with your customers better than anyone else’s.

The user experience is key to conversion. The difference between a good user experience and a great one may be the difference in 5% of your profits, the difference between beating a competitor or not, or the difference between staying in business or not. One thing is certain though. A better user experience makes a big difference.

Once you’ve created a great user experience, the design of the site sets the tone. The mood users will experience when they visit the site is set by the colors, graphics, and fonts, and it’s crucial in conversion. The untrained eye can tell the difference between a great site design and an average one. However, figuring out which pieces come together in the right way to make the design great is something that you will need a great designer for.

No matter how good your site looks, the content on the site needs to be effective also. If the content is poor, then consumers will thing your site is too, regardless of the design. Great content comes from a cooperative effort between our clients and our writers. Our clients know their brand, company, and industry better than anyone else ever could. So, when our writers work with our clients to put the right content on their site, the results are extraordinary.

Creating a website takes a team of writers, account managers, and designers who are all dedicated to the site’s success. It also requires our clients to invest the necessary time to make it happen, but the investment is well worth it after everything is said and done. After all, a great website is like a diamond in the rough.

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