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Mobile Relevancy in Bing Search

11-21-2014Bing has been going through some restructuring and strategizing recently with one of the most recent changes being the implementation of device-specific crawlers to determine if websites are providing a good experience on various different devices and platforms. We heard about these “Mobile Bots” earlier this month, but just yesterday Bing execs discussed Bing using device and platform specific signals to provide better web results to the user.

The leading influence on this new strategy is the growing trend of mobile search. Bing execs cited comScore projections showing that mobile web users will surpass desktop users for the first time this year. Statistics from comScore also show significantly more growth in web users on mobile than on desktop, and Bing is looking to address these changes in user behavior with better search results for mobile on mobile.

A number of new elements are being treated as signals for mobile rankings. These include readability from a mobile point-of-view, mobile functionality, content compatibility (including videos, flash, plugins, etc.), and more indicators. Using these signals Bing now identifies and classifies mobile, and mobile-friendly web pages and ranks them accordingly on your device-specific queries.

Bing execs mentioned that using responsive design in favor of separate mobile sites will continue to be more effective in ranking for relevant queries to your business on both mobile and desktop. In addition, continue to heed previous recommendations from Bing.