Link Building

Changes in Google’s algorithm continuously increase the need for high quality links and devalue or even penalize sites for having bad links more and more. The need for good links is now greater than it ever has been.

When a marketing company talks about links and SEO we are talking about backlinks, or links on other websites that point back to your website. Whether this is text, an infographic, or some other kind of image, they are all links.

The way search engines work is by measuring the number of quality links pointing to a website to determine its popularity. The reasoning behind this being that if a person has placed a link on their site to your site, they must like it. Google and other search engine have formed reliable means of ranking websites by the number of good links to their site.

In the past, the algorithms used by search engines saw all links as positive and this cause all links to provide some kind of benefit. Because of this many companies made large numbers of links and marketing companies provided many low quality links at low prices. However, now those low quality links that provided significant benefit in large quantities can be identified by search engines as spam, and can completely ruin a website’s reputation with a search engine. If this is the case with your site, the bad links have to be removed before link building can be effective.

The best links come from sites that are high quality and relevant. While some websites carry so much authority that relevance may not matter, in general you will get the most benefit from link that is relevant to your business. Websites that have geographical or topical relevance and are high quality sites will provide more benefit than high quality sites alone. There are many ways we can provide high quality link building to our clients. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

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