Lead Generation Platforms

SkyDiamond Marketing is the first company to use custom lead generation platforms in tandem with SEO to generate quality leads for our clients, increase conversion, and reduce the risk to our clients’ brands.

What are Lead Generation Platforms?

Lead Generation Platforms are 3rd party websites that are designed around ranking for keywords relevant to your industry. Your company’s contact information is provided on the site and we provide links to your website from the 3rd party site to point traffic in your direction. The 3rd party site gets the traffic, but your company gets the leads.

Why should I use a Lead Generation Platform?

Whether a Lead Generation Platform is used in combination with SEO or even on its own it provides a few benefits that SEO alone does not. First, our custom Lead Generation Platforms provide an authoritative 3rd party perspective that your customers trust and recognize. In addition, these platforms reduce the risk to your brand when performing SEO. By using a pass-through site instead of traditional SEO, your brand is safer from the risks of traditional SEO. However, by using a pass-through site in combination with traditional SEO you can increase brand awareness, improve conversion rates, and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

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