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Is Bing Capturing More Market Share?

10-31-2014Bing is looking to capture more market share and is doing some restructuring. Last week, Microsoft executives outlined new features for Bing and Bing Ads, the platform that powers paid search advertisements for Bing and Yahoo. Microsoft executives defined their objectives moving forward as making Bing more ubiquitous. Some examples of this implementation already include Bing integrations across many Microsoft software products including Office, Xbox, and Cortana. They intend to grow their market share by making sure Bing is everywhere, and their strategy moving forward isn’t to draw searchers to Bing, but to “put search where the people are.” Further examples of this new direction which include Bing integrations with iOS, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. In addition to this new strategic direction Bing Ads executives announces a handful of new updates and upcoming features. Bing market share has continued to improve but at the apparent expense of Yahoo, not Google. So, we will have wait to see if Microsoft’s new strategy to “put search where the people are” proves fruitful.